The Awakening 2017

Empowerment - Community Service - Ministry

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ,

It is our prayer that this 2017 has gotten off to an explosive start for you, your family and your ministry! As you can clearly see, our nation is in trouble. There is crime, civil unrest and upheaval popping up nationwide. We are convinced that the only answer to these and other social problems is the Church. 

It is for this reason that we share a ministry the Holy Ghost has given to our team. We have initiated a Missions Ministry called THE AWAKENING PROJECT! This ministry will harness the frustration, energy and passion of our youth and young adults and channel it toward effective ministry. We are calling our youth and young adults to action.

Thus, the Awakening is a Missions Trip to 12 US Cities simultaneously to help serve and transform our cities. Our goal is to literally touch 100,000 lives in these cities (1.2 millions nationwide) and lead at least 1,000 people to Christ (12,000 nationwide)! The team will perform almost 4,000 hours of community service in these cities (48,000 nationwide). 

There will be other saints traveling from around the country to join these teams. Enough is Enough! It is time for the church to stand up and be on the offensive. If you want to be a part, reach out to us and our local Coordinator of THE AWAKENING will be contact you to give more specifics regarding the event and your support. 

Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation and consideration. We believe that this collaborative and professional endeavor will be the catalyst to revival in our land.